Thank You &

It works like this. When you refer a client of yours to us. When they sign up to
use our services and we start to collect rent for them, we will reward you with a payment
equal to one weeks rent of the investment property.

So how much will you earn?

It’s a minimum of $300, but we also manage properties where the weekly rent is as much as
$1,300. All you need to do is encourage your clients to use us. As you’ve read by now,
there’s loads of great reasons for them to start using as today.


Are your investors clients right for us ?

Your clients need to have a residential investment property on the sunshine coast, where the minimum rental income will be a minimum of $300 a week. Here’s a list of the
perfect client.

  • Landlords who are looking to save some money on property management services.
  • Landlords that are looking for a tenant.
  • Landlords that have a tenant but want to change property managers.
  • Landlords who have just bought an investment property & need a tenant or already have a tenant in place.

So why should your clients use us ?

We will pay their rent to them weekly, every Friday
We will give them a 6 month money back satisfaction guarantee
They will save around $800 by using us
Plus a load of other great reasons