Sunshine Coast Was Voted 3rd Best Place in the World to Visit

At 53 I’ve not had much of a chance to do a lot of travel. Kind of sad really. But I do hear from many people how wonderful the Sunshine Coast is to visit and live.

When we moved here from Sydney in 2005, we did feel like we were on some type of fabulous holiday that never ended for around the first 2 years.

Of 21,330 tourist destinations In the latest pole of top 100 locations around the world, the Sunshine Coast has been placed 3rd. Kath and I have spent a lot of time holidaying in the Whitsundays. It’s a place we really love. It’s been placed at number 2, with the Maldives being No 1. Looks like Kath & I will have to book a trip to the Maldives to see what it’s all about.

You can see the list of 100 most-loved destinations here. It’s exciting to see how many other destinations are right here in Australia.

Each has received the highest rating of Tourism Sentiment Score®.

For the second consecutive year, a list of favourite tourist destinations around the globe has been compiled.

These Leading Places are the 100 locations most adored according to the real emotions of people, based on the annual data gathered in 2022. No money has been exchanged to be included on this list, nor have surveys been conducted to seek out answers. What generated this list was solely organic word of mouth, with no influence or partiality. Each of these 100 spots have earned their adoration and remarkable Tourism Sentiment Score®. These destinations deserve to be celebrated as Leading Places


At the beginning of 2023, they conducted an extensive analysis of the Tourism Sentiment Index data which consists of 1.6 billion conversations and content pieces in public forums related to 21,330 tourist destinations around the world. Their abundant data makes this the most comprehensive examination of this type that we are aware of.

The Tourism Sentiment Index implements artificial intelligence to analyse sentiment from human expressions for the sake of tourism. This produces the Tourism Sentiment Score®, which is a quality indicator for destination marketing. The development of this score was achieved through their methodology which has been honed to effectively process and interpret sentiment from immense volumes of data related to travel.

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