Sunshine Coast Rail Plans: Enhancing Connectivity and Speed

The Sunshine Coast, located in South-East Queensland, is set to witness significant advancements in its transportation infrastructure. The proposed Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line, spanning from Beerwah to Maroochydore, is expected to revolutionise public transportation in the region. With the potential for high-speed trains and increased passenger capacity, this rail corridor promises to provide convenient, reliable, and sustainable travel options for the growing population. In this article, we will explore the key features of the Sunshine Coast Rail Plans, including the proposed rail line, station locations, benefits, and the progress of the project.


The Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line is envisioned as a dual-track corridor, designed to accommodate trains that can reach speeds of up to 160km/h in certain sections. This would make it one of the fastest lines on the South-East Queensland Rail Network. The line aims to connect the growing areas of the Sunshine Coast to the broader rail network, offering a fast and efficient alternative to on-road travel options. With each train capable of carrying approximately 720 passengers, the rail line has the potential to alleviate congestion on local and arterial roads, reducing the number of cars on the road by up to 600 per train.


The Sunshine Coast Rail Plans emphasize the suitability of heavy rail for transporting large numbers of people over medium to longer distances, providing connectivity through congestion centers. Heavy rail is considered one of the safest and most accessible forms of mass transit. Additionally, rail is recognized as one of the most sustainable transport solutions, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and the overall environmental impact of transportation.


The Sunshine Coast Rail Plans include strategic station locations along the proposed rail corridor. The stations being considered are Beerwah, Nirimba (Aura), Caloundra, Aroona, Birtinya, Mountain Creek, and Maroochydore. These locations have been chosen to ensure convenient access to growing residential, business, health, and sports and recreation hubs.

The Caloundra Station is expected to be elevated over Caloundra Road and Rotary Park, offering panoramic views of the ocean. The Maroochydore Station would be situated behind Carnaby Street, within the new-look CBD. To enhance accessibility, park ‘n’ ride facilities are planned at the stations, allowing commuters to conveniently park their vehicles and continue their journey on the rail network.

Birtinya Station, located behind Coles, would provide easy access to planned Olympic football and basketball venues, with a walking distance of approximately 1.5km to 2km. The proposed rail corridor also takes into account other important factors such as proximity to major roads and existing infrastructure.



The Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line offers numerous benefits to the Sunshine Coast community and visitors alike. By providing a fast and reliable alternative to on-road travel, the rail line aims to reduce commute times and alleviate congestion on local roads. It also presents an opportunity to improve connectivity within the region and between the Sunshine Coast and South-East Queensland.

The rail line’s ability to transport large numbers of passengers and its potential for high-speed travel make it an attractive option for both residents and tourists. Additionally, the rail line’s contribution to reducing carbon emissions aligns with sustainable transport goals and promotes a more environmentally friendly mode of travel.


The Queensland Government has committed $14 million towards finalising the detailed business case for the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line. In partnership with the Australian Government, they are actively investigating the feasibility of the proposed 37km heavy rail extension between Beerwah and Maroochydore. To ensure the efficient planning and execution of the project, extensive environmental surveys are being conducted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local environment and to inform future planning stages.

The number of trains that will operate on the line and the estimated travel times will be determined through the business case. The government aims to deliver a transport solution that meets the needs of the Sunshine Coast community and supports the region’s growth. As the project progresses, further funding opportunities will be explored to bring the Sunshine Coast Rail Plans to fruition.


To ensure that the Sunshine Coast Rail Plans align with the needs and aspirations of the community, extensive community consultation is underway. The local population is encouraged to actively participate in the planning process and provide their valuable insights. Community engagement plays a vital role in shaping the project and ensuring that it meets the diverse requirements of the Sunshine Coast region.



The proposed Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line holds immense potential for transforming public transportation on the Sunshine Coast. With its high-speed trains, increased passenger capacity, and strategic station locations, the rail line aims to provide convenient, reliable, and sustainable travel options for residents and visitors. By connecting the growing areas of the Sunshine Coast to the broader rail network, the rail line has the potential to alleviate congestion, reduce commute times, and enhance overall connectivity within the region. As the project progresses, community engagement and further funding opportunities will play a crucial role in bringing the Sunshine Coast Rail Plans to fruition, making it a significant milestone in the region’s transportation infrastructure development.

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