Best Property Management for the Sunshine Coast

Recently we received 2 awards. It was a real surprise as we have not been seeking these. The companies that awarded them to us, reached out, to let us know. For us our reward is just looking after our landlords and tenants the very best we can.

I’d be surprised if we are the best property managers on the Sunshine Coast. But what I do know is we work really hard. Wwe work long hours and we really care about our landlords and tenants. So while I am unsure about being the best I know we try to be the very best we can…

Best property management agency sunshine coast

This week I got a lovely email from the Australian Business Quality Awards to inform me that we have won The Best Property Management for the Sunshine Coast in 2022. I have to admit we had no idea who the Australian Business Quality Awards are but it’s still nice to be recognised in some way.

They have said “We have awarded Asset Agents as The Best Property Management in Sunshine Coast for 2022. An overall quality score exceeding 95% was achieved, making them the top ranked in Sunshine Coast”. You can see the award details on their small page here

Best property manager sunshine coast

We also recently were contacted by Maid2Match who has voted us as one of the best property managers on the Sunshine Coast. This has been awarded to just 4 agencies on the Sunshine Coast. We are one of them. Again while I have no real idea of who maid2match is, it’s still nice to be recognised, by someone. They’ve written an article about Asset Agents and the other 3 agencies here

maid2match one of the best property managers sunshine coast

While we are on the topic of awards. In 2021 Asset Agents was a Qld finalist for the Best Agency for Openn Negotiation. Which for us was a total delight considering we are a small agency and Chris Elliman from Asset Agent won the Openn Negotiation National Award for Best Customer Service.

Openn Negotiation National Award for Best Customer Service

The truth is as a small agency that focuses on customer service we constantly struggle to compete and grow with all the bigger agencies. We are so busy servicing our clients we have little time to market for growth. For us it is important we become a little bit bigger but we have no interest to become a beast of a business.

Qld finalist for the Best Agency for Openn Negotiation

Something that we truly do appreciate, is when our clients make time to write a Google review. For us as a tiny business these are the most valuable things for us. When a new client is trying to choose between us and a big agency it’s often our reviews on Google that help them make an educated decision. You can see our latest Google reviews here

So thank you to all our landlords and tenants for your ongoing support we really do appreciate it and love the encouragement and feedback


Byron and the entire team at Asset Agents

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Here is my Google Review that Asset Agents blocked from appearing in their reviews. This was written 2 years ago:
I felt like I was starring in my own episode of the science fiction TV series “The Twilight Zone.”
Inspected 10 Anticipation Close, Nambour. For Lease.
Instead of finding the homely, well maintained family home as per the photos in the advertisement. I discovered a 10 year old tired interior paintwork, UGLY grey grimy vertical blinds, deeply indented carpets from previous furniture and a property that has not been properly cleaned and presented should I happen to choose to take a Lease.
To add insult to injury, there was no intention of cleaning or repainting prior to being leased to a new Customer. This is while they are seeking $430 / week around $60 / week above what is current for this type of property in the area.
Why wouldn’t you consider gouging the Tenants / customers when the property is currently “For Sale” as well? This was only divulged upon inspection, not stated in the For Lease advert.
Summing up: “Let’s lease the property, for as much as we can possibly get, make no effort to prepare the property properly, waste the precious time of prospective customers, knowing full well that we will be happy to serve the “No Grounds Eviction” once the property sells”.
I’m looking forward to finding a Property Agent who realises that they should be working on behalf of both parties, the home owner and the customer, to ensure that everybody receives the service that they are entitled to.
For the moment, Assett Agents, Palmwoods QLD aren’t there yet.
I will have to wait and see whether they will begin to take the rental customers seriously.
BTW – reading over your website where landlords are guaranteed by yourselves of “Regular Rental Increases”. Please explain what Tenants will receive for paying an increase in exchange for the extra rent that they are expected to pay.
Some landscaping? repainting? recarpeting?…. You cannot keep whacking up the rental cost while the condition of the property is going down.

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