Qld Australia New Smoke Alarm Legislation Changes in 2022

Qld Australia New Smoke Alarm Legislation Changes in 2022

2022 seems like such a long way away. But it’s now getting surprisingly close. This is when Qld Australia will have big changes to smoke alarm legislation. All investment properties in Qld will need to comply with these new regulations by Dec 31st 2021. What property investors and landlords need to consider is in 2021 there will be a huge rush creating a wait list and also possibly a price hike. While people scramble to get this done.

You can read about the legislation here

Just bought an investment or about to rent your own home ?

If you have just bought an investment property or about to rent out your own home. You will need to have the smoke alarms compliant, which will probably mean you will need more smoke alarms than what the property has now. Instead of having this made compliant to the old regulation, consider just making the property Compliant now for the new regulations. In the long run it will save you money instead of having to pay now and then pay again in 2021. I have 2 new clients this week that are doing just that. They will be getting the properties 2022 compliant now instead of 2020 compliant.

Why you should get smoke alarm professional to make your alarms compliant ?

You can do this yourself, or you can get an electrician to do it. But there are companies that specialise in just doing smoke alarm compliance. It’s my professional recommendation that you should use them. It’s all they do, they buy the alarms in bulk and they know the legislation. Once compliant they also supply a certificate, which most electricians don’t do.

Why get your smoke alarms compliant in 2020 instead of 2021

Several of these specialised companies have special offers in 2020. So prices are low and they are offering a years free service. I’m getting my own properties booked in for Sept 2020 and I recommend you do the same. I realise the temptation is to stretch this out until late 2021, but you need to consider there is likely to be a large backlog of work, plus prices may go up because of this, it’s the old supply and demand.

How much will it cost to get your home compliant ?

Well that will depend on who you use & the size of your property. The company I will be using charges $465, if your property needs 3 alarms to be compliant. But for 2020 they are also offering 1 year free subscription. The number of alarms you need will depend on the size of your investment property. The annual subscription to ensure they stay compliant will be $119 but the first year will be free.

How can you use and who do we recommend on the Sunshine Coast Qld

You have lots of options on who to use. Like any locals electrician or any of the specialists below.

Smoke Alarm Solutions

Sunstate Property Compliance

AMP Solutions

Smoke Alarms Sunshine Coast

So who do we use and recommend ?

We use Sunstate Property Compliance. They are based on the Sunshine Coast, they are small enough to care and big enough to do a good job. Over the years, we’ve tried others, but have found Sunstate the most reliable, easiest to deal with and most friendly. While I am sure many smoke alarm companies are offering special pricing I have already price checked them against some others are they are good value at $155 per alarm installed.

How much will it cost you to be smoke alarm compliant then by 2022 ?

This will depend on the size of your home, bedrooms, halls and stories. You must have alarms in each story, each bedroom, and in hallways which connect the bedrooms. Below is a guide.

1 Alarm $155

2 Alarms $310

3 Alarms $365

4 Alarms $620

5 Alarms $775

6 Alarms $930

7 Alarms $1085

What does the new legislation say ?

  • Alarms must be photoelectric and less than 10 years old
  • Alarms must meet the new Australian Standard 3786:2014
  • Alarms must be interconnected with other smoke alarms in the property
  • Alarms must be 240v hardwired with a backup battery or a 10 year wireless alarm with non removable lithium battery
  • Alarms must be installed in each story
  • Alarms must be installed in each bedroom
  • Alarms must be installed in hallways that connect bedrooms and the rest of the property OR if there is no hallway, between the bedrooms and other parts of the storey

What alarm do we recommend ?

Clipsal have a great alarm that has a 10 year battery and a 5 year warranty. It meets all of the above guidelines and is well priced. Clipsal is a reputable company, so you know the product will be reliable.

Why do I a need an annual subscription ?

Sunstate Property Compliance charge $119 a year to ensure your property stays smoke alarm compliant. What that usually means is there are not other costs other than that annual fee to keep all your smoke alarms tested and working. Which includes a compliance certificate. Legislation states that all your alarms needs to be checked and tested every 12 months, or when a new lease is signed. Often with routine inspections we find tenants have removed alarms or there batteries and rectifying this will be included as part of the annual fee.

Can you self manage your own smoke alarms

Yes you can. But do you really want to, for saving just $119 a year ? The legislation burden on testing all the alarms yearly or with the signing of a new lease has its responsibilities. Houses do burn down, last year we placed a lovely family into a rental because their house caught on fire and just last week, a house we sold caught on fire too.  Anyone that wants to self manage their own smoke alarms, who wants to ensure they stay smoke alarm compliant should re think about making the investment for a specialist to do it.

If you insists on doing this yourself you can access and installation face sheet here If you insists on doing this yourself you can access and installation face sheet here 

What do tenants need to do ?

Tenants are boot responsible for smoke alarms other than reporting when they are faulty. However if a tenant believes their alarms are not 2022 compliant by around Sept 2021 they need to contact their landlord or property manager to bring this to there attention. If nothing is done the tenant needs to contact the RTA and may need to send the landlord or property manager a breach notice requesting the alarms are certified compliant or upgraded.

So where to from here ?

If your investment property is managed with Asset  Agents and you would like to ensure your investment is compliant in the second half of 2020, then shoot us an email and we will get Sunsate property compliance onto the job for you. If you don’t have your property managed through Asset Agents speak with your property manager or call Sunstate property compliance direct on 1300 722 552 .

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Hello bryon I believe you could edit this email , red smoke alarms have a wi fi small board sensor unit that’s $66 you can test all the interconnected units to silence them all, test which unit is going off and run a test all from the central location board to me if you have high ceilings how do you turn off the sensors all at once , this brand you can do that Michael Kelly

Just a couple of things that you have missed in regards to Smoke Alarms if their is currently a 240v alarm existing it must be changed to a new 240v alarm,if the home is double story it must have at least one on each level and last of all, all smoke alarms must be the photo electrical type not the ionization type as previously used and they are identified by the radio active symbol the three triangles in a circle.
Ian Caleo
Hunchy Electrical

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