Tips on Preparing Homes for Sale: Exteriors

Tips on Preparing Homes for Sale: Exteriors

Chances are, your potential buyer has already passed by your home on their way to the grocery, work or someplace else. Try going around the block and driving by your property to view it from their perspective. That image will be stored in your potential buyer’s mind every time they think about your home. Here are some simple tips in helping you paint a wonderful picture:

PATHWAY. Keep your path clear. Remember, you start creating the first impression the moment they approach your property and during this time their eyes are still on the road and not yet on the home. Make sure you leave an impression that the whole surroundings, not just the house, is well taken cared of.

FRONT YARD. Mow the grass, rake the leaves, and weed the garden. Group the flower pots together to bring color and add appeal to the outside of your home. Repaint the fence, and fix broken pieces.

GARAGE. If possible, repaint your garage door and keep it closed. Keep in mind that the buyer will try to envision their car inside your garage so it is best to park your car elsewhere during inspection.

ROOF. Many people neglect the roof but it plays a major role in the appearance of your home from the outside. A freshly painted roof can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of your property as it is where the sunlight bounces. Look around your neighborhood, how are the other houses painted? Are you bold enough to choose a different hue to stand out from the rest of the houses or do you want a similar shade to blend in?

FRONT DOOR. At last, your potential buyer

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