Selling 101: Choosing an Agent

Selling 101: Choosing an Agent

Working with an agent can make or break the experience of selling your property. I suggest you read about our previous post on how much a bad agent can cost you or how much you can profit from a good agent.

While most agents work on commission rates, this must not be the sole consideration that should be made. Remember the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Discount agents might give you a great deal on commissions but it could also mean you may loose tens of thousands of dollars on the final sale price.

Other things to consider are the methods of marketing and advertising that the agent recommend and why. The way that your property will be presented can greatly impact the increase in interest and the final sale price.

You should also be able to ask about the agent’s sales track record, their average days on market and their previous clients. The history of the agent’s performance will give you a better understanding of how they will be able to handle the entire process of selling your property.

And last but not the least, observe how the agent conducts themself before making the final decision. Are they courteous? Are they easily accessible? Did they supply you a pre-listing kit? Did they do a professional listing presentation or just stand around the kitchen? Have they followed up with you since and how? All the things that the agent does will reflect on how they will represent your property to prospective buyers.

Selecting the real estate agent to represent you is a very important part of selling your property. Working with a professional from the Asset Agents gives you the leverage of working with a team of fully licensed real estate agents with a reputation of integrity and outstanding client service. We understand the entire process of marketing the property, finding buyers and negotiating a sale. With a proven sales track record, we have an average of 20 days on the market.

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