How to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

How to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Your front garden is the first thing potential buyers see, if it’s scruffy, dirty or ugly, you may have lost them before they have even stepped through the front door. Having a garden that is neat, looked after and well maintained will result in a higher percentage of your home being sold or rented out faster. In this article, we offer 5 great tips on how to improve your homes curb appeal without having to fork out several hundred dollars.

1. Make it green with flowers

The most successful way to turn a boring garden into something enjoyable and homely is to add plants and flowers. Always go for the cheaper easy to maintain plants that require very little watering or attention, as chances are future buyers or tenants don’t want a high maintenance garden with several exotic plants and trees that always need attending.


2.  Make your pathway more interesting

Solar sidewalk LED lights seem to be the latest trend for jazzing up your front garden and with good reason. They are cheap, environmental friendly and can really transform a boring garden into something more homely. Make a pathway to your front door by simply digging the lights into the ground, remember they don’t require cables or batteries.

3.  The fence trick

What, you haven’t heard of it? Just like painting the inside of your home in neutral colours gives the illusion of bigger spaces, adding a fence to your front lawn makes it appear larger than it is. A fence is a great addition if your target demographic are couples with children. Fences will separates the home from the pavement and gives homeowners a sense of extra security knowing their children or pets will not go astray.


4.  Paint the entrance to the castle

A front door can say a lot about a property, what does it say about yours? If you can’t think of an positive adjective, then it’s time you either got a new one or gave it a new lick of paint. Always take the doors off before painting to ensure you get a nice even spread, sometimes it helps to sandpaper the door down a bit to remove blemishes and marks.

5.  Have a razor cut lawn

Whether you used to cut it every week or not before, you better start now. After listing your property on the market, you never know when someone will come for a viewing. Cut your front lawn once a week, remove the weeds and do any edging as required. It shouldn’t take you longer than 1 hour per week and it’s good exercise. Many homeowners neglect to do this, but you will be surprised at how many people get put off a property simply because the garden looked unappealing.

As you already know, finding a home is a very stressful period in anyone’s life, finding the right property can take months and if there’s something you don’t like about a property, you move onto the next one. Don’t let this be the case with yours, follow our 5 tips to improve your homes curb appeal and sell or rent out your property faster than ever before.