How Not to Sell your House

How Not to Sell your House


When sellers put their home on the market, most would like a quick and easy transaction with no hassle. But what they end up getting is property that’s been on the markets for months with no offers. Why? Well it can boil down to a number of factors, such as bad market conditions or the time of year, two things which you can’t control. Or it could be due to a number of other factors which you do have control over, such as….

Being a slob

I can’t put enough emphasis on this but a first impression is everything, by leaving the garden lawn un-cut, dishes in the sink, and clothes lying around the bedroom, will put off most buyers. From the moment a potential buyer sees yours property you want them to fall in love with it, and that’s going to be pretty hard if it’s a total mess.

The price is right

In such a competitive market, you really need to be on the money with your pricing (pun intended). It’s well known that the bulk of your potential buyers will come and see your property in the first few weeks of it being listed. By deliberately overpricing your house, is a sure fire way to keep your property on the market for many more months to come.

Get rid of that personal touch

It may sound harsh but any photos of your family, memorabilia of your favourite sports team, or even pictures of your poor beloved dog who past away last year, take them down immediately. When a potential buyer walks into your house, you want them to imagine that the house is theirs as much as possible, and with your family pictures lying around the place, you won’t be doing anyone any favours.

Don’t express yourself!

Think 1984 and get rid of anything unique in your house, or at the very least tone things down. You might love your tiger skin rug or that oversized elephant chair you have in the corner, but chances are nobody else will. If your rooms are painted in brash or lively colours, paint over them using something neutral, you won’t be living here any longer and new homeowners love a fresh canvas to work with.

Let your new buyer fix the leaking sink and creeking floorboards

Because we know new homeowners love nothing more than buying a house that needs home improvements…not! If there’s any minor home improvements, do them before listing your house, even something as simple as a creeking floorboard can turn a buyer away from your house. Who wants to deal with home improvements after going through all the stresses that buying a house gives you? Nobody!

The best way to sell your house is to put your self in the buyer’s shoes and take a subjective look at your house. Visit each room and try to write down at least 3 things that you think a potential buyer would not like and change them. Doing everything we mentioned in this blog post, can be the difference between you selling your home in 2 months, compared to 2 years!