Dealing with Terrible Tenants

Dealing with Terrible Tenants

When the worse case scenario arises and your seemly good tenants are causing all sorts of problems, a landlord must remain professional and calm during the crisis. We are not talking about tenants who are always a few days late on rent or never return your phone calls, these are hardly ‘terrible tenants in the truest sense.

But tenants who spend the weekend drinking and shouting resulting in noise complaints, assault and even destruction of your property, or tenants who have been practicing in taking illegal drugs for someone to then overdose in your property prompting the emergency services. These are the times when a landlord is really put to the test.  These are such rare positions to be in and often landlords have no experience in dealing with terrible tenant. This article with provide you with tips to help defuse these situation.

Dealing with Terrible Tenants

Sleep on it

Whenever you’re faced with a big problem we advise sleeping on it before coming to a decision. If you were faced with either example above your immediate decision would be based on your altered state of mind and anger. This is never the best way to approach these types of situations as they can make things even worse. Sleep on it and think with a clear mind in the morning on how to proceed.

Review your tenancy agreements

Tenants who have breached any terms within the tenancy agreement can be legally evicted from the property. If your tenancy agreement doesn’t have some sort of clause that allows you to evict your tenants for illegal drug use, bad behaviour or anything along these lines you better put it in ASAP. Ultimately, these clauses are your safeguard for legally evicting terrible tenants who cause constant issues.

Tip: When terminating a lease, allow the tenant enough time to move out and find a new place, even help if they need it. Being on bad terms with your tenant after such an event may lead them to take action using the courts just to spite you, this costs a lot of time and money.

Learn the skill of Dealing with Terrible Tenants

Treat them with respect

Regardless of the violation, treat your soon to be evicted tenants with respect, this will only make the whole process easier and stop them from further causing more damage or problems out of spite. Most tenants will understand why they are being evicted and usually leave within the time period allocated without problems. However, as a landlord don’t give them a reason to cause even more damage to your property or to complicate the situation further.

Be swift and firm with decisions

Some of the worst tenants are great with words and can successfully sweet talk their landlord to give them another chance, usually with an overused sob story. Be firm with your decision and perhaps offer their full or partial deposit refund if they agree not to cause further problems and leave within an agreed date. Get this all in writing so both parties know where they stand, and you can use this as future evidence if they fail to evict themselves within the respected time period.

Landlords need to be very firm and strict when a tenant causes a major violation of their tenancy agreement. Most likely your property is worth hundreds of thousands and it’s not sensible as a property investor to have people who you cannot trust occupy your property.

Although uncommon, these situations do arise when landlords pick the wrong tenants during their selection process. One way to avoid such problems happening is to use Assent Agents. We implement a methodical recruiting process and vet all tenants before handing over the keys, if you would like to know more about our services feel free to give us a call during office hours.