Common Mistakes HomeBuyers Make When Looking for a Home

Common Mistakes HomeBuyers Make When Looking for a Home

Going to view a property can bring up a range of emotions with all the excitement, wonder and stress that one has finding the perfect home. Homebuyers can easily become caught up in the moment and fail to see obvious tricks or potential problems that are staring them right in the face. When viewing any property you should always utilise some sort of checklist to ensure you give the property a thorough inspection.

Working in this industry for several years, we have put together our very own checklist of common features of a home that homeowners fail to inspect more deeply.

Buyers Common Mistakes

Did you fall for the illusion?

The first rule to selling a property is what? Yes, pick neutral colours, try and get as much natural light as you can into the property, and de-clutter to give the home a larger than life feel. Whenever you visit a property take note if this technique has been applied to rooms, and spend a few minutes longer than you usually would to get a more accurate feel for the size of the place.

 Most Common Buyers Mistakes

Ignoring the windows

Countless homebuyers fail to give the windows of a property a deep inspection only to have to fork out thousands of dollars later to get them fixed. Check the double glazing and see if there’s watermarks on inside the glass or condensation, if so, you may be needing to get them fixed or replaced. For wooden fitted windows, tap against the wood to see how firm the structure is or press firmly in various places to gauge how stable the frames are. Wood will rot much faster than using PVC or plastic.

Common Buyers Mistakes

Does the property have good bones?

Unless you’re are an expert at surveying structures there will be no way to know if a property has good bones or is a total lemon. Fixing the foundations of a property is not something anybody wants to do or spend money on. Hire an independent impartial  surveyor who is qualified and get their opinion before signing anything.

Tip: Hire your own surveyor and not one recommended to you by a Realtor.

Common Mistakes When Looking a Property

Where will you be placing your electronics?

Generally speaking, the older the property the fewer plug sockets it will have. We live in the information age and our smartphones, tablets and laptops constantly need juice to stay operational. Not only check how many sockets a property has in each room, but it’s imperative to inspect the condition they are in. If a property’s wiring system has been altered it may not only cost a small fortune to fix, but you and your family could be in danger living there.

Common Mistakes When Looking a house

Scouting the local area

A suburb may look like the perfect place to raise your children during the day, but at night it could turn into something a lot less pretty. Visit the local area several times during different parts of the day and weekends to see what goes on. One survey stated that just over 14% of homebuyers wished they did more research on the local area before buying, don’t become apart of this statistic.

Take it slow when viewing a property and be sure to take everything in. We recommend that you view a property at least twice (day and night) as the second time round you will spot things which you may have missed on the first viewing. Buying a property is a big deal and a taking a smart approach can avoid you from buying a lemon or making a terrible investment. If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with us!