My Property Manager Says I Am Behind in Rent but I Am Not

When you rent through an agency your rent is paid into a trust account which is audited a few times a year. The rent you pay is receipted, a receipt is sent to you and the payment appears on the ledger.

It’s all tracked by computer software that doesn’t lie.

If your rent is now a few days late the most possible cause is that you’ve made some type of payment error.

So how can you get this sorted out?

Well, the property manager can’t do this. All they can see is your rental ledger, of what money has come in. The only way to sort it out is to look at your rental ledger and cross-check it against your bank statement. 


So who can do this cross-checking? 

Either you can do it or if you supply your property manager all your bank statements they can do it. But they can’t do it for free. It would take them probably about 4 hours, costing you around $500 for their time. What! They can’t do it for free? No, they can’t. Cross-checking a tenant’s rental ledger against the bank statement is very time-consuming and it’s not viable for a service like this to be offered to tenants free of charge. 

Ultimately it’s up to the tenants to be keeping an eye on their rental payments and ensure their rental ledger is correct.

Most agencies like Asset Agents even allow their tenants to log in to the property management system so they can see it for themselves.  

Usually, when we have a tenant contact us about this exact issue, we have a quick look at their ledger and can see straight away one week they paid $520, the next week they paid $480 then 10 days later they paid $990. The tenant is not paying weekly and they are not paying the same amount weekly either. 

I’d also suggest you action this urgently as the longer it’s left the harder it would be to resolve. 

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