Dress well, have a neat completed application with all the information. Offer to pay $20 a week over the advertised weekly rent. Have an impeccable rental history. If you are renting through us our reference check and very very detailed.
With in 48 hours we’ll be chasing you. At 8 days we will give you a notice to remedy breach. You want to avoid getting these as it makes it very hard to rent in the future. After 14 days we ask that you leave.
The challenge owners have with pets is they ruin the grass, carpet, walls and doors of properties. You would need a very understanding owner and a very well behaved dog to be aproved
Keep the proerty pristine. Care for the gardens every single month. Get a bond clean and carpets cleaned when you leave. Speak to your property manager as at the time your lease is expiring so you can make a plan with them