How to Keep Your House Safe From Break Ins

Unfortunately, a home security system isn’t a guarantee your home won’t be a target. Break-ins can occur at any time to anyone in any neighbourhood. The highest percentage of break-ins happen in the summer, while people are away on vacation, or begin to leave their windows and doors open more often. You might be wondering How to Keep Your House Safe from Break Ins.

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Another lifetime ago, Kath & I lived in a terrace house in Surry Hills, right on the edge of the city in Sydney near Central train station. It was fun. We never needed the car on weekends because the entire town was at our door. Most nights, we ate out at any of the many places that offered excellent food.

Back then, Surry Hills was very filthy. Lots of homeless, prostitution, drugs and, of course, crime. One night Kath woke me, saying she heard something downstairs. I snuck down the stairs in my big woollen dressing gown. Peering into the darkness, I could see a tall figure in the kitchen going through drawers and cupboards. It’s an incredible feeling seeing someone in your home. Kath & I, now locked in our bedroom, called the police. Sydney’s main headquarters were just two streets over. Within minutes we had police at the front door and back lane. They stormed through from the front, pushing the shadow into the rear land where multiple cop cars were waiting to take him away.

Another time our offices in Glebe were broken into. They cut a massive hole in the wall and took around 12 laptop computers. 


We then moved to the Sunshine Coast.

While it’s certainly much safer, crime is everywhere. So what can we all do to ensure our homes are safe and secure to avoid that dreaded pit in the stomach when you realise someone has been in your home and things are now missing? 



Well, of course. Sounds simple! First, keep your house locked up. But consider upgrading them How to Keep Your House Safe from Break Ins.

In over 20 years, I’ve only ever had to call a locksmith twice because I locked the keys to a house inside. The first time the locksmith went to the laundry door and, within 30 seconds, opened it with his credit card. So there is that. 

Keep your house locked. But ensure you have locks that are challenging to break.


Those pieces of wood that stop windows from the opening are unique. You can buy a long piece of wood from Bunnings and cut them down. So if you forget to lock your window, the wood will stop the window from sliding open.

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Wire doors and windows with a security mesh certainly do a great job keeping anyone out. These costs add up, so it needs to be considered a long-term investment in peace of mind.


When I was a kid, my dad would put on a timer for our lounge room lights to turn on and off when we were away. It must have worked because we never got broken.

While you can still buy the old-fashioned timer these days, why would you when instead you can get one of those sexy, bright power points? Your phone can control these, so you can set them up to turn lights on and off at certain times. Then stick a Freddy Krueger cut out in the window and you are all set. 

Meross have a wide selection of intelligent technology that you can see here.



I have one of these in my shed. It’s great at night, for when our possum family comes home, so they don’t trip over my tools—a few at the front door. The side and back of the house would make any potential thief flip out and maybe even wee down their leg. Hopefully, they couldn’t tell if you turned them on or if it was the sensor and what idiot thief would stick around to find out. Nope, they’d be out of there.

Bunnings has a wide selection you can see here.


I got one of these so I can check on my dogs. I only have one, but I will soon get more. These are amazing. I can see them on my phone, zoom in, and record. Even turn on the sound so they can hear me tell them they are a good boy and I can hear them. 


Stick a couple of these around the house with the motion sensor turned on, and you can be alerted to “motion” and even chat with the thief to ask how their evening is going. 

Jaycar have a wide selection of these here.

Of course, there are the old-school things like making sure all your neighbours know you are going away & asking them to take in your mail, but we all need to do a little more these days. 

You can read more about How to Keep Your House Safe from Break Ins at the neighbourhood watch website here

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