Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

In Queenland, agencies charge anywhere between 5% and 12% of the rental income. Keep in mind this fee is a tax deduction. Think of it as an insurance policy to ensure your asset is being protected. It’s smarter to pay an agency with a higher fee that has the best systems and service to ensure you get maximum return on your investment. When that happens, the fee ends up being cheap.
The landlord pays the water bill. However if the property is water efficient the tenant can be charged for excess water. We recommend ensuring your property is water wise and redirecting your water bills to our postal address to allow us to process the payments for you . Having the water bill go to you and then you sending onto us can create complications
Most agencies pay their property investors monthly or fortnightly. We pay then weekly.

When your routine inspection arrive in your inbox. Call your property manager and discuss the report. Ensure the report has photos. At least once a year ask for a rental review based on other comparable rental properties in the area. Try and inspect your investment in person at least once a year.The biggest issues we see when taking over a management is either the property has been very poorly kept by a tenant or the rent is $20 to $100 a week lower than market value.

Just give them 30 days written notice. If you are moving your property to use we do everything else. Its that simple.
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