Are You Getting The ROI You Deserve?

How do you know you are getting maximum ROI?
Often investors want to know what our fees are. When really they should be more focussed on the on the total ROI. Some agencies charge as little as 5% some as much as 10%. Our fee is 8.8%. One a property that rents for $500 per week. our fee is just $16.50 per week more. Which becomes insignificant if your property is left empty for a week or two . Or is you are currently getting $50 per week below market rent
So start by not being overly concerned with fees and instead, ensure your investment is never vacant between tenancies. The fastest way to dramatically reduce your ROI is to have a property empty for several weeks. Then ensure you are getting fair market rent. You can do this by getting an independent rental appraisal. Most of the time when we do these properties are being under rented by between $20 to $100 per week. That adds up to be a staggering amount of money.
Take time to carefully check your routine inspections and speak with your property manager about them. Are the gardens being cared for? Is the property in good condition. Is there any maintenance. All this can dramatically impact your ROI.
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